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Spiritual Coaching sessions

Skype, Whereby, FaceTime/Messenger

Therese Stordahl is a spiritual guide and healer. With more than 20 years of experience she offers transformative sessions where your higher self shows the way. Receive guidance, support and healing for excactly where you are in your life. Therese aims for a safe, respectful and down-to-earth approach.

Investment: NOK 1200 per 60 minutes


(Angel Party is priced individually, depending on distance and number of people.)

Happy Hiking
Forest in Nature
Looking Towards the Horizon

Life Coaching

Healing outgrown patterns and accessing more of your potential. Our focus during this session is on what is important to you

Career Coaching

Identifying and utilizing your gifts and talents in the best possible way, for you - and the world

Relationship Coaching

Improve and heal the relationships in your life. Dissolving blockages and opening up to positive influences

Gold Cards
Friends Covering Eyes

Oracle Card Reading

The oracle cards serve as a portal for guidance on your life path. This session contains everyday magic and guidance from the spiritual world

Angel Party

This is a favourite! Receive entertaining guidance and insights together with your friends. Each person around the table draw oracle cards and gets their own, condensed reading. 5 people minimum

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