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A channeling from Ashera, Ra and Mother Earth, April 2022

Mother, oh Mother, wisdom from the womb, from the eternity, from the stars, from forever and beyond time. The vast sky and universe is speaking of our origin. Speaking of incredible things, gifting us back our sense of selves, our dignity as space travellers, as souls wandering through galaxies, dropping now and then into time, the earthly realms. Time and space are prerequisites, parables, by which we navigate while in the earthly realms. And then again, we are boundless and free, expansive, expanding through the different dimensions.

Art: Alana Fairchild

Ra, the Sun God: Come, worship Her, let us do the dance of creation, lustful and reverent, let us create new universes together, every human is a portal for hir soul, we are birthing consciousness into this lost civilization here on earth. Not entirely lost, but largely cut off from source material, inner light, outer light, meaning and true compassion. Live is being birthed in here, as flowers, as grass, as animals, as humans. The dance between yin and yang. Ashera, God's wife: Settlers of the Earth. Time to come together. Around your fires, campfires. Negotiate, document, articulate your new vision for life here. Let go of old hurt and grievances. Nourish your fire, your children and your elders. Look ahead. Plant seeds for the future. Grieve. Let live. Let go. Patience. Make room for love. The little love in the everyday moments. For it is from this little love that the great love comes to heal the world. Endure the cramps of attempted control. It is withering and losing it's grip. Still dangerous, snakelike, venomous. Dying. The New Earth is breathing. The waves are coming in. Freedom and accountability, integrity. A slow and holy song of all the people dying and being killed, insensibly, terribly, the slow and holy song as their souls withdraw from this, our reality, and merge again with the vast consciousness. The terrible gurgling of the controllers in their desperate death fight. Going... sliding into deep parts of consciousness. To heal, to integrate, to understand... To merge with their light again, and help light up the world.

Photo: Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Come, come, Mother, have mercy. This hell on earth, how can we heal it? Mother Earth: Feel it. In the same way you as individuals heal. You've got to feel to heal. Get in contact with the wounded heart. The heart. The heart. The healer is the heart and the heart is the healer.

What can I do? How can I support peace? Mother Earth: Open your heart. Keep it open. Follow your light. Create sacred spaces where you are. Let light pour into earth through you. To where you are. Be in love. Stay in love. And that way, out of fear. The green goddess is emerging. Blessed be ⭐️

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