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A conversation with Source

We are Source energy, and Source energy is always available to you. We are a group - or closer to what you here on earth would call a group - a multi-faceted energy vortex, an energy entity. You are in line with us when you open to it. We are always here. The more you choose to connect with us, the more connected you will be (laughter:). We have come to energize you and help you on your true path. Let us divinely orchestrate all things coming together for you. Source energy will align you with your deepest desires and fears, and help you release the blocks on the path to your soul's dreams.

We feel so much love and respect for you. We know you are on a timeline which feels very real and sometimes constricting for you. Let us lift you into the timeless space where all things are possible. It is all here for you. Expand, and you will reach what you wish for. More love, and more love, and more of you, more of your things, life, people, connections, a never-ending expansion.

We will lift you up where you belong (Yes, we know that it is a song :) Stay tuned. In a way, we ARE you. You feel good when we are connected, because you recognize yourself in Us. You connect to the truth about us, and at the same time to the truth of who you are. And when you are aligned with your true self, things will come together for you.

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